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Production manager
1. Technical secondary school or above. male or female.
2. More than 3 years of production management experience in automotive wiring harness or electronic harness industry. It is able to rationally optimize the production process, arrange work, improve production efficiency, and be responsible for the work.
3. Responsible for the daily management of the department and the corresponding correspondence.
4, there is a team to do concept.

Quality engineer
Recruitment requirements:
1, male or female, high school and above, electronics, manufacturing related majors
2, QC seven major methods and 8D analysis to improve the quantity
3, good at management counseling, good communication skills.
4. Familiar with the quality system IATF16949 quality management system.
5. Be familiar with supplier development, auditing, quality improvement and daily management methods.
The main work:
a. Responsible for the handling of customer complaints and the reply of 8D reports
b. Leading the meeting of the abnormal quality review meeting
c. Responsible for auditing within the process, and require relevant responsible departments to propose improvement measures
d. Tracking the implementation status and effectiveness of the process improvement measures
e, familiar with the wire processing process is preferred

Personnel clerk
1, age 25 or older, secretary, Chinese and other related majors secondary school or above.
2. More than 2 years of relevant work experience in administrative personnel, secretarial or new employee induction training.
3, good communication and expression ability, treat people with kindness and enthusiasm.
4. Skilled in using office software and office automation equipment.
5, the work is meticulous, careful, careful, and proactive;
6. High work efficiency, strong sense of responsibility, strong execution, and team spirit;

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